Comprehensive Mine Drainage Services

In order to provide a complete "turn-key" service to the mining industry, government agencies, and grassroots organizations, BioMost, Inc. has brought together a team with a proven track-record for providing innovative, effective solutions and sustainable high quality work. From site evaluation, to cost analysis, to design and implementation, we develop relationships with our clients to fulfill their needs, answer their questions, and solve their problems. BioMost, Inc. personnel have been involved in the design of more than 230 passive treatment components of all types which are successfully treating a combined total of over 1,000,000,000 gallons per year. In addition, thousands of acres of active and abandoned mine lands have been successfully reclaimed.

In addition to conventional treatment systems, our team has successfully designed and implemented the following passive components:

  • Anoxic Collection Systems
  • Anoxic Limestone Drains
  • Open Limestone Channels
  • Vertical Flow Ponds
  • Aerobic Wetlands
  • Retention Ponds
  • Diversion Wells
  • Horizontal Flow Limestone Beds

amd Abandoned mine drainage impacts thousands of miles of streams in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

pts Passive treatment systems are one technology to treat these discharges and help restore impacted streams.