BMI was selected as the design-build contractor from a field of well-qualified firms located across the United States to complete both the engineering design and construction of the Southeast Commerce Passive Treatment System (SECPTS).  The site is located in the Tar Creek Superfund Site and is part of an on-going, multi-faceted restoration effort being spearheaded by The University of Oklahoma, US EPA, Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, with the help of other local, state, and tribal organizations.  The system treats over 100 gallons per minute of iron-laden abandoned mine drainage with elevated levels of zinc, lead and cadmium.

Design highlights include:  Space-saving design utilizing both floating baffle curtains and PVC sheet piling; hydrogen sulfide gas collection and odor removal due to close proximity of the site to Commerce High School; solar-powered enhanced passive aeration using floating air-lift devices (lifterators); extensive system flow control through multi-cell underdrain and by-pass piping; and unique flow control and measurement features.  Site construction challenges included operating over and above numerous mine features prone to collapse (collapse event occurred during construction without adverse impacts), removal of ~20,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil material, and critical elevation control due to extremely limited topographic relief.

The University of Oklahoma
RFP #R-16101-16
City of Commerce, Ottawa Co., OK
Dr. Robert Nairn, Project Advisor
(; 405-325-3354)
2017 Completion Date