A Growing Greener was awarded to AWARE and Stream Restoration Incorporated in 2004 to assess the site and develop a design.  The goal was to ameliorate the impact of a diffuse seep zone within the stream channel of Reeds Run.  Through an evaluation of surface mine permit data and aerial photographs, the seep zone was believed to have been the result of water from existing (~1¼-acre) settling ponds flowing through buried coal refuse within the western bank of Reeds Run.  The partnership effort, which included, AWARE, BioMost, Inc., Stream Restoration Inc., US Environmental Research Service (USERS), and the PA DEP, focused on developing an economical, long-term, low-maintenance, and effective site restoration plan.  The plan included draining, excavating, and lowering the water level in the existing ponds not only to eliminate recharge from the ponds but also to intercept possible degraded subsurface flow.  The plan also included installing, at the outlet end of the settling pond, a passive alkalinity generator.  A ½-acre aerobic wetland (planted with native species of high diversity for wildlife value) was also to be constructed in order to receive the effluent from the alkalinity generator prior to entering Reeds Run.

PA DEP Growing Greener Grant
Doc. #4100028800, Proj. #CD40319
Armstrong Twp., Indiana Co., PA
Malcolm Crittenden, Watershed Mgr.
Cambria DMO
(mcrittende@pa.gov; 814-472-1908)
2007 Completion Date